Psyblocks was a failure, 5 years later, I wanna revisit it with my increased knowledge over the years. (yeah right)

Prototype, rough around edges, really has fuckall in it, sorry.

You will need to click on the game window when loaded to focus web browser onto it, buttons won't input otherwise.

Arrow keys movement.
A button toggle is crouch stance (walking and jumping is reduced in this stance,)
C while moving is the roll
Z is spin attack
X is nailgun, makes platforms you can jump on to reach further distances. 
R will reset the prototype, for when you fall off the edge or something. 
Just rushing through this, wanna get back to devving on it, cheers!

Will try  to upload newer versions until the end of this Jam, so click back to see possibly more content.

wolf now changes to crouch stance just like you
Few tweaks to wolf behavior and added in variable jump height, hold button down for full height.
Put the ice/slippery floor into debug room for testing. 

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Glaring flaws on everything aside the base level and assigned controls, the one thing I found that is alright is the movement being good and snappy.  Good luck to your 5+ year endeavour.

This is a great prototype, even if it's a single room. I managed to get to the top left, the only complain I have is that the controls are pretty bad, jumping should not be on the up-arrow, maybe spacebar? Crouching should however be on the down-arrow button.

After playing around with the game a bit more, I feel like I should retract my statement on the jump button, A is perfectly fine, the wall-jumping reminds me of Super Meat Boy!

You have a good set of actions the player can do and design around. When I realized the railgun was actually leaving the projectile stuck in the wall, I wanted to see if I could stand on them and sure enough I could. I haven't even started on companion AI and it's nice and motivating to see it working very well here! I think once you figure out the right buttons for the initial controls they will start to feel much smoother. The one suggestion I have is have the spin attack increase the speed of the player just slightly.

Good progress!

I went through the right edge of the screen, never to be seen again.

Why jump key is not space ;_;

Controls feels a little bit stiff, jumping is hard, especially with current layout. Visually it looks fine as far as I could see

I moved left, door opened and closed behind my back then I got stuck? You can also stuck at regular doors if you don't move out of their way.

How much gameplay are there? Because I couldn't go far the first screen.

Placeholder controls
There is no "gameplay" its just the debug room right now while I put features in.
Doors have a collision box always except for the last frame of the animation which lasts 3 seconds or something. I need to find a good solution to that or have the thing push the player away/or not close when player is within a specific distance. I wasn't aware exactly how broken they were, thanks for letting me now.