A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Prototype of "Just another bughunt?"

This is to demonstrate "most" of the ideas, within the games concept, in some rudimentary way.
Purpose of my Kickstarter is to develop the game to meet the features listed below:

Play as one of four mercenaries as they attempt to gather resources on an alien bug planet while trying to survive!
Use guns, structures, unique abilities, A.I. familiars and artifacts to destroy the bugs while you work towards getting you and your team back into space and home.

  • 4 characters to choose from. Each with a unique ability and speciality.
  • 6 environments randomly generated terrain. Each with unique topography which greatly affects where you can place turrets/structures and the effectiveness of certain weapons/abilities.
  • Over 20 bugs to overcome wave after wave.
  • Bosses that push you to the limits of your abilities.
  • 8 weapons shared between the characters. Each can be fired in eight directions for strategy.
  • 4 structures, each with two upgrades. Use them for their good offensive and defensive capabilities.
  • 4 A.I. familiars [pets] to ally yourself with.
  • Mothership will always have your back while floating in the sky above you. Sending you supply drops containing munitions and placeable turrets.

This prototype is a "survival-like" mode, allowing you to test the games basic combat and some of the weapons/buildings.


This game is currently unavailable