Cybervania prototype.

I uploaded an earlier version of this to demoday a good while ago - probably still visible on my itch profile.


Arrow keys for movement

Spacebar for attack

Q to respawn in players living room

1/2 to swap between melee and guns

F by a door or workshop to enter/open

Some game mechanics to disclose:

Tapping spacebar at end of an attack makes a second attack happen.

Workshop is for customizing guns and will only let you exit by pressing the test button and having a correct configuration of gun parts. I'll list a few below you can try.

Mods in the workshop menu do nothing right now - except laser sight does work (simply just affixed to your gun)

Dummys are in the hallways to test your guns on for damage/penetration etc.

Enemies on buttom floor.

Only available so far is the apartment building, no other areas in demo.

You are immune from damage in demo.

Weapon balancing is still pretty atrocious right now, will change in time.

This prototype still tbh isn't suitable for demoing, many functions aren't very user friendly. Have fun, and hope you find some interesting gun combinations.

Some insights from players already

- dont press Q while in test/gun menu, will fuck game up. Refresh page if that happens.

- can only set base/barrel/ammo in menu. Only 38 or so combinations that work exist. Entering a wrong combination won't allow you to exit the menu.

For example mini-p, poscap, laser, isn't a viable option.

This was the avoid the pointlessness of many combinations you get in a game like Mercenary kings.

Menu in future will display to you whether something works before you press test.

The letters correspond with a choice, you should see 3 characters above the test button. A few listed below, find more.

Gun combination list:

aad - rpg7 style

adh - can't remember

bgb - ditto

cad - something explosive

cea - slug shotgun

ceh - normal shotgun

gbb - something that tracks enemies - untested personally, should work.

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